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654 Tyler lane
654 Tyler Lane, Wilmington , North Carolina, 28480, United States
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Current Price
Offer Period Ends 6/20/2024, 5pm EST
Closing Date 7.1.24

NOTE: Place an Offer Deposit (Hold Only) at the Current Price displayed to win this listing now OR place a lower offer using the (-) sign to win automatically when the price drops. Seller reserves the right to end or cancel listing. to learn more.

654 Tyler Lane
Wilmington , North Carolina 28480
4100Square Feet

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Serious Buyers Only. Seller Requires All Offers To Be Verified Exclusively on This Page, During the Offer Period to Be Acknowledged. Offers Made Outside of This Listing Will Not Be Honored.  All Interested Buyers to Complete Due Diligence and Verify your Offer Prior to the End of the Offer Period. Seller Reserves the Right to Select a Verified Offer at Any Time and Begin Closing.

If you encounter difficulties in placing a Verified Offer, please contact support@sellio.co for assistance. 


  • Cash Sale Only
  • Motivated Seller
  • School Nearby
  • Hot Area

Additional Details

  • Closing Date:07/01/2024
  • Earnest Money Deposit:$2500
  • Title Period:7 Days
  • Disclaimer:Property is sold as-is.
  • Cure Period:10 Days

Sellio™ Verified Offers

    • Place a Fast and Secure Offer at the LIVE Current Price to win!  Or place a lower offer, and when the Current Price decreases to your Verified Offer, you win automatically! $500 Offer Hold required to ensure buyers are serious.  If two or more buyers place the same offer, the first or earliest offer wins.
    • Offer Period:  Seller accepting Verified Offers exclusively through this listing.  All interested buyers must complete due diligence and Verify Offer before the Offer Period expires. Offers made outside of this listing and Offer Period will not be honored.
    • Offer HoldSellio™ Verifies your offer with an Offer Hold.  This is a temporary hold of $500 on a Credit Card and released in 1-7 business days, or at Closing if you are the Winner.  This is not a charge to your card or an Earnest Money Deposit. 
      • 'Buyer Back Out' Rule: If you are the selected Winner, and the title is transferrable, and do not perform closing, buyer's Offer Hold becomes a nonrefundable charge and the property will be awarded to the next buyer. 
      • Redemption Clause: If title is not transferrable or unknown material facts inhibit the closing, the Offer Hold is released back to buyer in 1-7 business days.

Winning Buyer:

    • Purchase and Sale Agreement / Earnest Money Deposit in the terms of this Listing are due into your selected Escrow/Title/Closing Attorney within 48 business hours of a being the Selected Winner of a Listing, or you will forfeit your Offer Hold and the Listing will be awarded to the next Buyer.
    • Escrow title and closing attorney will by default be your choice, unless otherwise stated on the seller’s listing. 
    • Title Period there will be a short Title Period to ensure clean title. Once title is cleared your Earnest Money becomes nonrefundable.
    • Contract Period The time to prepare and finalize closing settlement.

Buyer Acknowledgments

    • Buyer understands Sellio™ is a platform and marketplace facilitating connections between buyers and sellers and does not represent any party to the listing.  Sellio™ members, directors or employees make no guarantees concerning property condition, value, characteristics or financial benefits. 
    • Properties sold in 'as is' condition without warranties unless otherwise stated on the Listing. There are no contingencies unless stated on the Sellio.co™ Listing.  
    • Listings are not guaranteed and may be canceled at any point, prior to having a purchase contract.
    • Buyer Must Independently Verify all property information, seller terms and inspect the property thoroughly prior to submitting a Verified Offer.
    • Seller Reserves the Right to accept or decline any Verified Offer at any time during the Offer Period. After the Listing expires it will be unavailable for accepting new offers.
    • Buyer assumes all responsibility and liability for any occupancy, liability and cost of closing and taking possession. 
    • Technology Fee A fee paid by the buyer at closing on applicable Sellio™ Listings to cover the cost of the platform. This fee will be included in the “Total Amount” when you Verify your Offer.
    • Offer Hold if you win the Listing, and you do not close your Offer Hold will become a non-refundable charge. (unless title cannot transfer)
    • Seller Requires All Offers To Be Verified Exclusively Through This Listing, Offers Made Outside of This Listing Will Not Be Honored.
    • Circumventing, harassing sellers, making unannounced visits is considered trespassing and strictly prohibited by Law.  Buyers that attempt to take advantage of the platform will be immediately removed.


If you encounter difficulties placing an offer, please contact support@sellio.co

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