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1820 E Maiden Rd
1820 E. Maiden Rd, Maiden, North Carolina, 28650, United States
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Offers Accepted Until 5.29.24
Closing Date 6.15.24

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1820 E. Maiden Rd
Maiden, North Carolina 28650
1163Square Feet

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Property Documents


  • Unfinished Basement
  • Roof <5 Years Old
  • Brick Siding

Additional Details

  • Property Type:Single Family Residential (<4u)
  • Earnest Money Deposit (Non-refundable to Buyer):$2000
  • Property Ownership Status:There is 1 Sole Owner
  • Closing Date:06/12/2024
  • Year Built:1953
  • Lot Size:.65
  • Selling As-Is:Seller making no repairs or guarantees
  • Is there a clean title?:Unsure
  • Foundation:Crawlspace
  • Is There a Home Owners Association?:No
  • Utilities:City Water, Septic
  • Condition of Property:3 - Cosmetic Overhaul
  • Known Issues:NA
  • Are there any structural additions?:No
  • Would Seller Consider Creative Finance Options? (Select All That Apply):No
  • Occupancy Status:Vacant
  • Are You Offering a Buyer Agent Commission?:2.5%
  • Disclaimer:Property is sold as-is.
  • Closing Costs:Closing Costs to Be Paid By Buyer