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8018 S Calle Azteca, Guadalupe, AZ 85283
8018 S Calle Azteca, Guadalupe, AZ 85283, Guadalupe, Arizona, 85283, United States
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Listing Period ENDS 7.21.22 @ 12pm EST
Price Drop Details $50 Every Hour, On the Hour

NOTE: Seller Accepting Verified Offers. Seller reserves the right to cancel the listing at any time. Offer Hold is not a charge or Earnest Money Deposit. See how it works

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8018 S Calle Azteca, Guadalupe, AZ 85283
Guadalupe, Arizona 85283
1,410Square Feet

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Awesome property! Has a lot of potential with minimal rehab. A few homes in the neighborhood are already being renovated as well. The address I posted pulls up as 8018 on Propstream. The seller told me it may come up as 8016 as well. It's the home literally next door to 8022 on the North side of 8022. For some reason when you search 8018 S Calle Azteca, Guadalupe, AZ 85283 it comes up with the home listed under 8022.


Property Documents


  • Property Being Sold As-Is
  • Brick Siding

Additional Details

  • Rental Term Length:Month to month
  • Potential Rent:$1,500-$1,700
  • Windows:Need Replacement
  • Known Issues:NA
  • Are there any structural additions:No

Property Fees

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    • If you are the Winner, hold is released once an executed PSA and Earnest Money Deposit is placed with escrow. This must be done within 48 hours. Inform Sellio™ Support if you have issues.
    • If you are the winner and do not perform closing, the hold becomes a nonrefundable charge and the property will go to the next buyer. (if seller can not transfer clean title, your hold will be released immediately) 
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Buyer Responsibility

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  • Buyer assumes all responsibility and liability for any occupancy, and assumes all responsibility, liability and cost of taking possession.
  • Buyer shall make best efforts to close on the property under all circumstances, unless seller cannot transfer clean title.
  • Escrow title and closing attorney will default be your choice, unless otherwise stated on the seller’s listing.  


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